365体育竞猜 Once a small shop but now a House with an international reputation, Fresh is pure beauty. Dedicated to natural ingredients, rich textures, and addictive scents, Fresh offers a sensorial experience like none other.

Creation date: 1991
CEO: Anne Véronique Bruel
Head office: 130 5th Avenue, 11th Floor New York NY 10011 - United States of America


When Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg opened their apothecary shop in 1991 in Boston, the cosmetics industry was on the verge of a profound change. Seeing a need for products that are both effective and indulgent, they created a small set of artisanal, nourishing soaps that the two hand-wrapped themselves. The now iconic Oval Soap sparked Lev and Alina’s passion for transforming everyday routines into unforgettable beauty rituals. Fresh has since evolved into a full line of beauty products spanning skincare, bodycare, fragrance, haircare, and candles and is credited with a number of industry firsts, most notably pioneering the use of sugar as a natural humectant. Fresh’s combination of innovative natural ingredients, time-honored rituals, and modern science offers a sensorial experience with undeniable results that is completely unique to the brand.

Rose Hydrating Skincare - Infuse your skin with real rose petals © Christopher Baker


365体育竞猜 Crème Ancienne’s production process is overseen by 8 monks in a Bohemian monastery discovered by Fresh’s two founders in Czech republic. Possessing an age-old savoir-faire, the monks protect a formula which was first devised in the second century and was completely reinterpreted by Fresh in the twenty-first century.

Crème Ancienne, ultimate age-delay treatments inspired by the world’s first cream © Christopher Baker


Inspired by the purity of the past, Fresh seeks out natural ingredients used in time-honored beauty rituals from around the world. Used in several of the House’s products, Umbrian clay has been known for its therapeutic properties since the sixth century BC. The age-delay formula of the Crème Ancienne is inspired by the world’s first “cold cream”, the creation of which can be traced back to the second century. The Sake Bath developed by the House is part of the centuries-old legacy of the bathing rituals of Japanese Geishas. By combining ancient traditions that have withstood the test of time and innovation for more than twenty years, Fresh stays true to what makes it exemplary.

Black Tea Age-delay Skincare, age-delay remedies brewed to perfection © Fresh


365体育竞猜Fresh’s performance is fueled by the inspiring passion and energy of our incredible team, as can be seen most notably with the brand’s success in North America and Asia. With a deep loyalty to our heritage, our continual discovery of unique, natural ingredients, and the unparalleled sensorial experience of our products, Fresh will continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the beauty industry.

Key figures

  • 525 locations
  • 167 products
  • 18 Fresh stores

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